Sylvia Yacoub and Bryan Keith tell PEOPLE what their former coaches told them on Tuesday's show
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC (2)

Tuesday’s eliminations on The Voice may have given Sylvia Yacoub and Bryan Keith the boot, but with the support of their former coaches and the drive to push forward, these aspiring singers aren’t giving up on their dreams.

Yacoub on Christina Aguilera‘s team wowed the coaches with her rendition of Alicia Keys‘s “Girl on Fire,” but she understood that her song choice was a bold move.

“I took a risk singing a song that is still being promoted right now. But when I heard it, it just had such a good message and I just thought as an artist I wanted to be inspirational,” Yacoub told PEOPLE after her elimination. “I was really happy that I did that last performance because it was the first time that I didn t let the voices in my head take over.”

Fortunately, her coach has her back and understands the budding singer’s style. “We are so similar. A lot of people don’t get the growl aspect,” she said of her and Aguilera’s deep vocals. “But it’s an emotional let-go. We connected.”

And there’s another connection she and the pop legend have in common. “She just told me, ‘You’re amazing,’ and that she didn’t win her singing competition and neither did Jennifer Hudson,” Yacoub said. “I need to keep singing and I’m amazing and a fighter.”

Team Adam’s Bryan Keith is holding it together after a tough loss, and sees a new path ahead. “I would have loved to have stayed, but it wasn’t supposed to happen that way,” Keith said. “I’m not a pop star. I’m different. I’m going to keep moving.”

And he’ll be moving in a completely different direction than his experience on The Voice. “An indie, alternative, rock influenced record,” Keith said about what’s next. “I write very dark lyrics, but it’s almost like it makes you happy to be sad. It’s triumphant. You break out of your rut.”

He’ll also trust Levine, who left him with sound advice: “Don’t lose yourself and stay true to who you are,” Keith recalled. “I already kind of knew that, but hearing him say that pushed me to grow and take that even more seriously. Don’t forget that I have to be true to who I am.”