Chrissy Teigen Dishes on Kanye West and Taylor Swift's Feud – and That Awkward Stacey Dash Moment

"I can't believe I haven't gotten fired in all these years," Cohen tells PEOPLE of the late-night show's nearly seven-year run

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Rest assured, Andy Cohen is just getting started.

The Watch What Happens Live host celebrated 1,000 episodes on air Wednesday night with two of his favorite “ride-or-die chicks” Chrissy Teigen and Kristin Chenoweth. And if all the tea spilled on the landmark episode (not to mention its after show) is any indication, Cohen and his Clubhouse crew have at least 1,000 more episodes in them.

Somewhere between between playing tic-tac-toe with Real Housewives taglines and offering up his signature shot-ski (just water for pregnant Teigen, of course), Cohen managed to mine plenty of gossip gems out of his famous superfans and to prove once again why WWHL‘s influence is felt as late-night TV continues to evolve and, frankly, loosen up.

Cohen told PEOPLE before the taping: “James Corden came up to me at an Oscar party a year ago and said, ‘I love your show, I’m really into!’ So I was flattered then when he came on the air [last March and had a similar style to ours].”

He continued, “For me, there’s a lot of other talk shows that are inspired by us, and it’s fun, and it’s funny to us because we’re like The Little Engine That Could. I can’t believe we get all these stars to come to this little studio in Soho and actually do the show.”

Speaking of which, for anyone wondering how the show could possibly keep up with appearances by Cher, Lady Gaga and Meryl Streep, among others, Cohen hopes to get political this election year: “I would love a Hillary [Clinton interview], I would love a Michelle Obama, I’d like a Sarah Palin. I think she would be fascinating.”

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Reiterating what he previously told PEOPLE, Cohen also noted of his freewheeling, boozy and often rambunctious hosting style: “I can’t believe I haven’t gotten fired in all these years.”

Quite the opposite: Instead of getting fired on Wednesday’s 1,000th-episode celebration, the "King of Late-Night Fun" got … a Grammy! Teigen, 30, told her pal she didn’t “have time to shop,” so she exercised a little five-finger discount at home and volunteered husband John Legend‘s 2005 trophy for best R&B vocal performance. (Her backup options were some of the “Ordinary People” singer’s “underwear or his wine.”)

Cohen, 47, also received a sash and tiara from former pageant queen Chenoweth, 47. But the greatest gift of all was the juice that the emcee squeezed out of his friends’ recent experiences with other A-listers, from Kim Kardashian West‘s pregnancy pointers for Teigen to the unexpecte perks Teigen and Legend have in their new home, which was previously owned by Rihanna: “We still get her mail. She has a $19 gift certificate for a Bugati, I believe. We tried to give it to her at the Grammys, but she wasn’t there.”

In fact, Teigen is such and awards show regular that she had some delicious insight on not only Taylor Swift and Kanye West‘s feud but also her instantly meme-inducing reaction to controversial actress Stacey Dash‘s bizarre Academy Awards cameo.

Of Dash’s appearance at the Oscars, Teigen described the room as “dead silent”:”It was so cringe-worthy. I have no poker face. Whew! It was rough. [But] I live for those moments.” (A schadenfreude lover? Sounds like a true Housewives fan if ever we’ve heard of one!)

During the after show, discussing Swift’s pointed allusion to West in her February Grammy win for album of the year, Teigen acknowledged that the oblique scolding was “uncomfortable” for everyone in the room. “It’s ongoing,” she added of the feud. “There’s a war being waged there.”

Looking to less contentious relationships, Cohen asked Teigen (hypothetically) and Chenoweth if they had any limits on how young a man they’d consider dating: “Puberty to 100,” Chenoweth quipped. “Male and alive is great!”

And Teigen didn’t hold back early in the taping when she gamely answered one of the show’s signature questions: Have you swum in the lady pond? “Maybe doggy-paddled?” she shared. And Chenoweth didn’t miss a beat, suggesting a different turn of phras: “Breast stroke.”

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