Chrissy Teigen Has First Viral Moment of 2019 After Leslie Jones Hits Her with Umbrella on Live TV

Chrissy Teigen started out her 2019 with a little mishap

Chrissy Teigen started out her 2019 with a little mishap.

Teigen appeared on NBC’s New Year’s Eve event on Monday where she counted down to the new year with Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones and Today‘s Carson Daly. When it came time for the happy hugs to celebrate 2019, Jones accidentally poked Teigen in the eye with her umbrella, causing the first viral moment of the new year.

The two did end up hugging right after as Teigen made sure to duck under the clear umbrella the second time around.

The model later tweeted that she was okay when the mishap went viral, though the clip already had viewers lamenting her rough start to the year.

Teigen also made sure to let Jones know everything was alright after the comedian tweeted her apologies.

“EYE’M FINE BABY I hug too hard what can I say,” Teigen replied with a picture of her sending Jones a kiss.

The mother of two also joked about returning to the scene of the crime early Tuesday morning.

“7am. Heading back out to time’s square to find my eyeball,” she wrote.

But that wasn’t the only controversy of the night. After Teigen brought up vaginal steaming on the show, viewers complained that the subject wasn’t appropriate for a telecast many were watching with they’re young children.

“Maybe I’m old but not that old. Watching NBC with my 12 year old 20 min before the ball drops and Chrissy Teigen starts talking about vaginal steaming. Really?! The host of NYE…vaginal steaming? Come on…have a little CLASS. Too many families watching honey. Not cute,” one user wrote.

Others said they changed the channel to other broadcasts counting down the new year, while another user said the moment was “very cringeworthy.

And in the spirit of the internet, another user used a Bird Box meme to poke fun at NBC and Teigen for their content.

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