'This Is Us' Stars Reportedly Now Earn $4.5 Million per Season

"When you stay present and you stay grateful, you continue to manifest really beautiful things," Chrissy Metz told PEOPLE

Premiere of NBC's "This Is Us" Season 3 - Arrivals
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Chrissy Metz is feeling thankful.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the This Is Us season 3 screening and panel on Tuesday in Los Angeles, the actress opened up about the reportedly massive pay raises the five central stars of the hit NBC show recently negotiated.

“I think some people got some details wrong in the news, but I think when you stay present and you stay grateful, you continue to manifest really beautiful things,” said Metz, 37.

“And that continues to happen,” she added. “I’m continually grateful. My life is completely changed in many, many ways!”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Metz (who plays Kate), Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Sterling K. Brown (Randall) and Justin Hartley (Kevin) renegotiated their contracts with 20th Century Fox Television and scored significant pay raises for season 3, which premiered Tuesday and will consist of 18 episodes.

The actors will see their per-episode salary jump to $250,000, once their respective signing bonuses are factored in, according to THR‘s sources. The stars will reportedly now earn $4.5 million per season. (NBC and 20th TV declined to comment.)

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THR reports that Metz, who famously had 81 cents in her bank account when she booked This Is Us, previously earned $40,000 per episode.

Metz opened up about her humble beginnings in a piece for Glamour last year.

“I kept auditioning, with no savings and no money, credit card debt gaining interest,” she said. “I went on unemployment. I bought ramen noodles at dollar stores. I never had to — God forbid — live on the streets; I moved in with a roommate who told me, ‘Stay with me until you can afford rent. Don’t give up.’ ”

And while the show has made her a star, she said she still lives fairly modestly.

“Funny, but I still get buyer’s remorse,” she said. “I just got my first pair of Alexander McQueen shoes; I’m so convinced I shouldn’t have bought them, I still haven’t busted them out of the box.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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