March 30, 2018 02:17 PM

Chrissy Metz‘s karaoke game is strong. The This Is Us star showed off her skills in Boston on Thursday evening, when she headed to the Hong Kong, a bar and karaoke club in Faneuil Hall.

Dressed in a long, black V-neck dress with white birds on it, Metz and her assistant belted out Destiny’s Child’s hit “Say My Name.” Metz took Beyonce’s part, and kept a serious face while she belted out the words.

“She waited just like every body else, and when it was her time to sing, she went up on the stage,” says bar manager Tedd Lee, who tells PEOPLE that Metz was “very humble.”

Always a friendly face, Metz even stopped to pose for photos with a few fans at the bar after she hung up the mic.

The Hong Kong

“She was very kind,” Lee adds. “She wasn’t bothered by people rushing to talk to her. She was sitting at the table right next to the stage, in the spotlight. She did not seemed bothered by it at all. She was not shying away from anybody.”

Earlier that evening, Metz appeared at the Wilbur Theatre for her book tour. Her memoir, Loving the Person You Are Today: This Is Me, is on shelves now.

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