Todd Chrisley on Why He's Making Son Chase Get His Scripture Tattoo Removed: He Can't 'Use His Body as a Cheat Sheet'

Chase Chrisley, 19, is currently undergoing laser treatment to get the ink removed


Chrisley Knows Best fans know Chase Chrisley is one thing and one thing only – a troublemaker.

His latest offense? Getting a giant scripture tattoo on the side of his torso – that family patriarch Todd Chrisley is making him get removed!

Todd, Chase and his sister Savannah stopped by PEOPLE Now to sound off on the tattoo debacle, which went down on last week’s episode of the family’s reality show.

“Well, here’s my thing. I paid for him to go a private Christian school his entire life,” Todd, 46, explains. “So if he doesn’t know that Bible verse by now and he has to use his body as a cheat sheet, then I need a refund from the school that I sent him to!”

As for Chase, 19? He’s still in the process of getting the ink removed: “I’m on my third treatment,” he says, lifting up his shirt to reveal the tat. “I have 13!”

Of course, as seen on the show, Todd did promise his son a new Range Rover in exchange for getting the tattoo lasered off.

“In my opinion I made a genius decision,” Chase tweeted last week. “$300 for the tattoo… Got $140,000… And people say Todd won ;).”

He also slammed rumors that the ink was fake, sharing a close-up picture of the fresh-looking tattoo.

“Oh yeah? After treatment 1,” he tweeted alongside the shot.

Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on USA Network.

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