The family patriarch discovers that his daughters were horseback riding while grandma was toasting to the island lifestyle

Credit: USA

Nanny Faye is enjoying that aloha lifestyle!

During a family vacation to Hawaii, Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley is not happy when he discovers that his mother, Faye Chrisley, was left alone and had one too many drinks.

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming “Hawaii Love You So” episode, Todd, 47, asks his daughters – Savannah and Lindsie – where they were all afternoon after returning to the hotel room with their grandmother.

“They’ve been riding horses and I’ve been playing cards with the cowboys,” Nanny Faye chimes in.

“What did you fail to leave out of that story, Nanny?” Todd’s daughter Savannah, 19, questions her grandmother. “What did we come back to?”

“I just had a shot or two,” Nanny Faye admits.

With his arms folded, Todd exclaims in surprise, “A what?!”

“I just toast a couple times. I didn’t really drink,” Nanny Faye explains to her grandchildren and son.

“How many times did you toast?” Todd asks.

“Twiced,” she admits.

“Twiced?” Todd questions. “Is it twiced?”

“Twice,” she clarifies. “Two times.”

“You two were responsible for her,” he says while pointing at his giggling daughters.

“We went to ride horses. We didn’t know Granny was going to get drunk,” Savannah explains.

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