'Chrisley Knows Best' 's Todd Chrisley: 'I Have Botox – You Can't Tell When I'm Tensed Up or Not'

Todd and Julie Chrisley give PEOPLE the inside scoop on season 3

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Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley are getting ready for a big change – kids Chase and Savannah are both going off to college this year.

“I think that our fan base will enjoy seeing the change that’s going on with our children,” Todd, 46, tells PEOPLE about the reality show’s third season. “It’s a transition for Julie and I to have two kids going off to college at the same time.”

And in the exclusive clip above from tonight’s episode, Julie questions what Chase, 19, has done to prep for the ACT exam.

“We don’t have to tell them what we did,” Todd – who is Chase’s ACT coach – replies. Savannah, 17, then accuses the pair of cheating, but Todd swiftly tells his daughter, “Savannah, I have Botox – you can’t tell when I’m tensed up or not.” Naturally the family can’t help but chuckle at their dad’s quick-witted response.

Laughs aside, Julie admits that, when eldest daughter Lindsie, 25, went to college, “It was very hard for Todd, and now it’s kind of twofold with Chase and Savannah.”

“It’s going to be a rough summer just getting to that place and not just for us, but for Grayson and Chloe as well, because they’re so used to especially having Savannah there,” she adds. “She’s such a great help … it’s going to be an adjustment for all of us.”

But Todd – who jokes that he’s “not going to be that far away” from his kids since “wherever they go [he’ll] follow” – says he and his wife have prepared them for life away from home.

“I feel that Julie and I have done a fine job in raising our children,” he explains. “We probably have the same trepidation as any other parent does about their child leaving home, and I try to tell Chase and Savannah both: ‘I’m not concerned about what you do, I’m concerned about the people around you,’ and so I want them to be cautious of people’s intentions.”

And the parents will be around Chase and Savannah more often than not since they will be making appearances in Savannah’s spin-off, which focuses on “her school and her going off by herself for the first time, and Chase will be participating as well.”

“It should be interesting because I’m not going to be with them every day, so we’ll find out from that show how well our parenting has gone,” Todd says with a laugh.

Before the pair leave for school, though, fans will get to see the Chrisleys take their first trip out of the country as a family to the U.K.

“It was actually Todd’s [graduation] gift to Chase and Savannah – a last hurrah if you will – before they go away to college because you know things change. Schedules are crazy,” shares Julie, 42. “It was kind of the last opportunity we had to really take them somewhere, and London was just somewhere we had always wanted to go and it worked out. It was a great trip.”

As for how Todd fared going across the pond?

“I am a creature of comfort. I like my own surroundings. I think London is beautiful, but we have better water pressure here. I like my food better here,” he teases. “But I think as far as the culture and as far as people being nice and the architecture, [it] was amazing, but I still like my own country.”

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