See Todd Chrisley's Hilarious Reaction Watching His Sons Go Head-to-Head in a Wrestling Match

Julie Chrisley decides to enlist WWE-obsessed son Grayson, 9, in wrestling classes

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Todd Chrisley is in for quite a surprise on this week’s Chrisley Knows Best.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, Todd’s wife Julie decides to enlist their WWE-obsessed son Grayson, 9, in wrestling classes – and has him face off against his very own brother, Chase, 19, much to patriarch Todd’s shock.

“Tonight’s the big match: Chase vs. Grayson, it’s going to be good,” Julie tells the camera while Todd notes that this is going to be “interesting.”

Once at the wrestling ring, Todd is even less impressed.

“Did he kick him in the balls?” he says, sounding shocked and flinching repeatedly as he sits with Julie and daughter Savannah, 18, watching a different fight unfold while they wait for Chase and Grayson to battle it out.

Before too long, out comes their eldest son – “Chase ‘The Hammer’ Chrisley” – decked out in a head-to-toe red and black outfit.

“Chase comes in looking like some brokedown version of Fred Flintstone,” zings Todd as opponent “Grayson ‘The Destroyer’ Chrisley” steps into the ring, dressed like a king with a gold crown and red cape.

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While we don’t find out which brother champions the fight, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion Chase is going to go easy on his little bro.

“This whole wrestling thing, this is not my cup of tea,” he tells the camera in a confessional with sister Savannah. “But I can see that Grayson is having a blast, and I’m just not going to kill his moment.”

“Look, you have a heart!” Savannah notes.

“Let’s not take it that far,” says Chase with an eye roll.

Catch the full scene (and find out who wins the fight!) on Chrisley Knows Best, airing Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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