October 07, 2015 04:15 PM

He may not been an all-star in the kitchen from day one (tilapia and hard boiled eggs anyone?), but Worst Cooks in America contestant Chris Soules is steadily improving his game.

“There was a lot of pressure,” says the former Bachelor of the high-intensity challenges on the show, hosted by Rachael Ray and Anne Burrell. “But I learned a lot. I’ve been able to take some skills and work on them at home. Hopefully when I’m ready to settle down, I’ll actually be a real cook!”

For now, the Iowa-based farmer is focused on improving his culinary competence and promoting a cause near and dear to his heart. Working with the National Pork Board as a judge for America’s Pig Farmer of the Year award.

“I want to put a face to pig farming,” says Soules, whose own family farm raises pigs, corn and soybeans. “I want to shed some light so people know how their food is actually raised because there are so many misconceptions. People think it’s corporate farming or a guy in bib overalls. But pig farmers are primarily families. We make sure our pigs are humanely raised.”

And in the kitchen, 33-year-old Soules, a self-proclaimed meat lover, has plenty of experience with his favorite food group. In the above exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of Worst Cooks, Soules makes a bacon beef burger for a signature sandwich challenge.

“That’s where my roots are,” says Soules. “I thought, What better than to put all those things in one?” And the reality star’s other top dish has an added benefit: “A well-seasoned pork loin is hard to beat,” says Soules. “They’re lean and delicious. Since getting on The Bachelor, I’ve really watched my weight!”

As for impressing future dates, Soules, who ended his engagement to Whitney Bischoff in May, has a couple romantic meals up his sleeve. “My signature is always going to be a good medium rare steak,” says Soules. “Hopefully she’s not a vegan because that would be a tough hurdle to get past!”

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Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Food Network.

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