The fake ad for "Jason Steakums" was somehow left on the cutting-room floor last September

By Tim Nudd
Updated June 30, 2015 12:45 PM

Chris Pratt showed off many talents – including his musical prowess – when he hosted Saturday Night Live‘s season 40 premiere last September. But we had to wait until now to see his uncanny Jason Statham impression.

A skit featuring Pratt, 36, pretending to be Statham, 47 – pitching a new snack called Jason Steakums – was cut from last year’s broadcast for time. But the NBC show has now rolled out the clip online, giving us a chance to see the Jurassic World star imitate the British actor’s gruff, menacing demeanor.

The product sounds gross, but Pratt’s impression is tasty indeed. With his bald head and tough-guy delivery, Pratt should get in line for the next Guy Ritchie movie.