Eichner and Pratt run around the city accosting New Yorkers for a game of "For a Dollar"
Credit: Nathaniel Chadwick for truTV

As Chris Pratt is learning, being at the top of the Hollywood heap doesn’t mean an average New Yorker will know your name.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner trots out the Jurassic World star to play a game of “For a Dollar” with a simple objective for the people being ambushed: Just know who Chris Pratt is.

And yet, even though Pratt, 36, has starred in several of the biggest movies of the last few years, there are still plenty of people who have no idea that a megastar is standing in front of them. (No dollars for you!)

Of course, Eichner yelling in their faces about Pratt’s critical acclaim doesn’t really seem to jog these hapless contestants’ memories. Their guesses range from confusing him with fellow Marvel superhero Chris Evans to wondering if the Parks and Recreation alum is “from VH1,” an answer so random it probably should have earned a 50-cent consolation prize.

Thankfully, one woman wins for having what many would consider basic pop-culture knowledge … only to have her answer to a second question exasperate Eichner. You win some, you lose some.

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