Chris Pratt on Steamy 'Mom' Cameo with Wife Anna Faris: 'We've Been Practicing That Sex Scene for 10 Years!'

Chris Pratt shared a steamy scene with wife Anna Faris when  he guest-starred on the hit CBS sitcom Mom


Chris Pratt guest-starred on the hit CBS sitcom Mom Thursday night, where he shared a steamy scene with star Anna Faris. And if the on-screen chemistry between the two was hot, it’s because the real-life couple have had a lot of experience off screen.

In the episode (Pratt’s first appearance on the show), the 37-year-old Passengers star played charming horseback riding instructor Nick, whom Christy (Faris) decided to pursue.

As an excuse to see him again, Christy visited the horse stable where Nick works, pretending to research possible places for her son to take horse riding lessons. Things quickly turned romantic, with the two going for a literal roll in the hay — having sex on barrels of hat in the horse stable.

“We have a sex scene, like a sexy scene,” Pratt told Entertainment Tonight. “We’ve been rehearsing that for 10 years.”

Unfortunately, that was the only time their two characters were in sync.

It quickly became clear that Nick was a little bit of a clinger. The two agreed to keep their relationship under wraps . But on their dinner date, he couldn’t stop making out with Christy — much to the disdain of their waiter and fellow diners.

Later, he admitted that he’s already thinking about walking down the aisle with his new fling. “I’m going to be sharing the bone-in tomahawk rib-eye with the woman I’m going to marry,” he nonchalantly told the waiter.

As if those red flags weren’t enough, Nick drew a sketch of Christy with a horse’s body — and sang an off-key song on the guitar to try to romance her again.

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It wasn’t until Christy finally revealed her secret affair with Nick that she found out the truth about him. According to Nick’s aunt Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), Nick’s “not well” — having lived “most of his life in a … facility.”

“[He] feels things very deeply,” Marjorie explained.

He’s also not able to take a hint, apparently. When Christy tried to break up with him, Nick didn’t seem to understand what was happening, telling her, “You’re such a silly!”

So what did Christy do? Well, she decided to prioritize her sexual needs over his obsession … just this once. “Oh what the hell,” she joked, “I’m crazy too!”

Mom airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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