March 25, 2015 10:55 AM

Is Chris Pine angling for a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live?

As he shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, the actor can do what any comic actor worth his salt can do: a Christopher Walken impression.

Check out the video above to watch Pine narrate a nature documentary as Walken – not over-the-top but natural and measured, his impression is pretty impressive!

Of course, his comic chops are no surprise; Pine, 34, was incredibly funny in last year’s Into the Woods, in which James Corden also starred.

Corden also asked his former costar about the single tear he was filmed shedding at the Oscars. The photo was taken during John Legend and Common‘s performance of “Glory.” Pine joked that, as an actor, it will be the only time he’ll ever be able to produce a single tear rolling down his face.

Chris Pine

“What’s annoying is when I cry,” said Corden, 36, “I mean, I don’t look great in the best of times. When I cry, I look disgusting. Look at this! Have you ever seen anyone look so handsome whilst they’re crying?”

Confessed Pine: “It was a wonderful performance and it was really moving. A lot of people gave me crap for [crying]!”

Don’t worry – they’re just jealous because they’re not also incredibly handsome criers.

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