Mr. Big jokingly calls out Sarah Jessica Parker's character on her love life
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Oh no he didn’t!

Chris Noth, the man behind Sex and the City‘s iconic lothario Mr. Big, recently discussed his and Sarah Jessica Parker‘s characters’ tumultuous romance, using a few choice words about his old onscreen flame.

In an interview with Australia’s, Noth, who now stars on The Good Wife, tried to set the record straight about his former character.

“[Big] never tried to pretend he was anything other than what he was,” he said. “It was [Carrie] who tried to pretend he was something he wasn’t. He was always honest about himself – he never cheated on her.”

Despite millions of fans who undoubtedly rue the day Big broke Carrie’s heart, Noth said, “The relationship just didn’t work. He went on to get married while she went on to how many boyfriends? She was such a whore!”

Ouch! It’s a joke that undoubtedly burns hardcore Carrie fans (and probably most women).

For forgetful viewers, after one of many breakups, Big married another woman and Carrie got together with fan-favorite furniture designer Aidan (John Corbett) – only to cheat with each other! They finally found their happy ending in the first Sex and the City movie when they got married (but not before even more drama).

On a serious note, Noth clarified that Carrie “was a strong, smart woman.” Yet, the actor had less praise for the show’s other main character, New York City.

“It’s full of tourists, Times Square is Disneyland. Go to Manhattan now and it’s nothing but drug stores and banks,” he said of the city he believes was once a haven of culture and diversity. Now, he said, “It’s become its own nightmare.”

As for the mounting rumors that a Sex and the City 3 film is in the works, the actor said, “I’ll believe it when they say, ‘Action!’ and until then I don’t pay any attention.” But still, he said, “It’d be a great thing.”

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