Chris Harrison on Why Tyler C. 'Might Not Be the Next Bachelor' After Being Linked to Gigi Hadid

"Is he out playing the field, is he out having a good time?" Chris Harrison says on PEOPLE's Reality Check

Sorry, Tyler Cameron fans, but even Chris Harrison might not think that Hannah Brown‘s runner-up would make the best next Bachelor.

Speaking with PeopleTV’s Reality Check, Harrison broke down reasons why some of Brown’s former suitors would either be good or not-so-good in the title role on the next season of The Bachelor. While many Bachelor Nation fans have been pulling for the hunky contractor to be the next one handing out roses, the long-running host pointed out that Cameron might not be in the best place to look for love on TV.

Noting that Cameron is a young, handsome, eligible man — not to mention he just went through a tough breakup with Brown — Harrison posed the question, “Is he out playing the field, is he out having a good time?”

Harrison’s comment comes after Cameron was reportedly spotted with supermodel Gigi Hadid in New York over the weekend — just two days after he was seen leaving Brown’s residence in Los Angeles.

“That doesn’t make him a bad guy, [but] it may not make him the best Bachelor,” Harrison said.

Nonetheless, Cameron super fans’ love did get some justification from the franchise’s “Papa Bear.”

“Someone told me, I don’t know if this is true, he looks good without his shirt on,” he deadpanned when asked why Cameron would make a good Bachelor.

Chris Harrison, Tyler Cameron
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Ed Herrera/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

“Obviously, he’s a good-looking guy,” Harrison continued. “I think you saw him, his true self when he was with Hannah and how he handled that situation. How he handled Jed, how he took care of Hannah in those situations, I think he really showed his true character, and that’s a true measure of a man, when you’re really put in those extreme situations. So he’s a good guy.”

On Sunday, Cameron and Hadid joined each other for what seemed like a date at Soho House in Brooklyn, after following each other on Instagram last month. The photo was taken from behind, but it appeared to be Cameron based on photos taken of him earlier in the day.

After the news broke about Cameron and Hadid, Brown told PEOPLE that she’s “not really sure where things stand” with her and Cameron after their date.

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Gigi Hadid. Pierre Suu/Getty
John Fleenor/ ABC

“I’m single. Dating [Tyler] is too strong of a word,” she said.

As for the suitor Harrison thinks would make a great next Bachelor, the host had nothing but good things to say about fan-favorite Peter Weber.

John Fleenor/ ABC

“Why wouldn’t he be a good Bachelor? I don’t know if I really have any great reasons why he wouldn’t be,” Harrison said of Weber, noting that he’s a “sincere, sweet guy,” with a great family (the pilot also said he “wouldn’t say no to trying it again” of the experience).

“It really will depend, and this is with all these guys: the timing of it,” Harrison said. “Are they going to be right when we decide to make this decision of who’s going to be the Bachelor?”

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