Harrison has served as a guest co-host on Live with Kelly

By Natalie Stone
Updated September 13, 2016 05:25 PM
Credit: Getty

Chris Harrison is getting into the Halloween spirit!

The longtime Bachelor and Bachelorette host revealed during a sit-down with PEOPLE Now that he drank mimosas while wearing a bathrobe with fellow ABC host Kelly Ripa.

“The last time I was in a bathrobe sipping champagne was this morning with Kelly Ripa,” admitted Harrison, 45.

“True story. We were shooting a little bit for their Halloween show, and Kelly and I were in robes sipping mimosas. True story,” he said of filming Live with Ripa, 45.

Harrison also admitted he unintentionally serenaded Ciara during the Miss America pageant.

“Funny story: I actually sang to Ciara, because she was a judge at Miss America and so me and one of the ABC execs were just getting on an Air Supply kick and we started singing ‘I’m All Out of Love,’ ” he said. “Ciara was one of the judges. She was at the next table having dinner and she looked over and she was like, ‘Really?’ ”

“I told her, I was like, ‘I nailed it.’ ” Harrison said. “I dropped the mic and I walked off.”

Season 21 of The Bachelor returns to ABC in January.