'We Just Didn't Get Along': Chris Harrison Reveals the Bachelor He Didn't Click with

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC

Chris Harrison is telling all.

While co-hosting alongside Kelly Ripa on Friday’s Live with Kelly, the longtime Bachelor and Bachelorette host was put on the spot when 46-year-old Ripa asked who his “least favorite Bachelor” was.

Harrison, 45, has been the host of The Bachelor since 2002 and each of the spin-offs (including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise) since the original series’ inception. But although he got along with the vast majority of leading ladies and gentleman who starred on the reality shows, there was one man that he just didn’t click with.

“Over 15 years, 30 some odd people that have been through this show, there are people I get along with better than others. And then some that we just meld with,” Harrison explained to Ripa, E! News first reported.

“You know what’s funny, because you’re friends with his brother, he comes on here: Jerry O’Connell. His brother, Charlie, was our Bachelor. I love Jerry, and I actually love Charlie, but Charlie and I — he was just east coast, me southern kid — it was like oil and water. We just didn’t get along,” he said of actor Charlie O’Connell, who starred on season 7 of The Bachelor in 2005.

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Harrison continued: “Now, self-admittedly, he was at a difficult point in his life — a little tumultuous. He’s come back from that, thankfully, but yeah, we just didn’t really spend any time together.”

Also during his co-hosting segment with Ripa on Friday, Harrison revealed why ABC decided to announce their newest Bachelorette star, Rachel Lindsay — who is still competing for Nick Viall‘s final rose — prior to the current season finale of The Bachelor.

“We named her the Bachelorette early because weird TV calendar stuff is that The Bachelor runs right up to when we start taping The Bachelorette. Like, we’re talking days. We’re done. And she goes further in the show and we’re like, ‘Well we need to let everybody know that Rachel’s our Bachelorette. We would like to cast the show for her.’ We cast all year long, but like we did with Nick, it’s easier with The Bachelor because the calendar is different leading into it,” said Harrison. “But we wanted everyone to know it’s Nick so we can find people that really want to be with Nick. And so we want to cast the show for Rachel, but we can’t do that in two days.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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