'The Bachelor' 's Chris Harrison on His Love Life: 'I Truly Couldn't Be Happier'

Chris Harrison reveals that his friends' wives vet his dates

Photo: People Now

Chris Harrison is often playing witness to romantic relationships on The Bachelor, but his own love life seems to be far less dramatic than the reality show.

“I truly couldn’t be happier in my life right now,” the host tells PEOPLE Now.

Harrison, 45, reveals that he’s out on the dating scene, but he knows he needs to slow down his busy schedule at some point.

“My house is where I keep my clothes and that probably needs to stop at some point,” he shares. “I literally fly by and see my clothes. This is true and this is sad … I’ll have three suitcases on my floor, and I come in and I drop one and pack the other one.”

Luckily, he has a great group of friends to escape to the golf course with when he actually has some time at home.

“When you have boys, true boys, nobody’s safe,” he says of his pals. “They don’t care what you do. It’s like we’re back in high school giving each other crap.”

While his buddies are “protective” of him, it’s his friends’ wives who are there to make sure Harrison’s heart won’t be broken when he brings a girl around.

Any special woman in Harrison’s life will also have to get along with his children – son Josh and daughter Taylor – from a marriage with his college sweetheart, Gwen Harrison, which ended in 2012.

The father has also realized just how quickly kids grow up when it comes to back to school time.

“My son just went to high school, so all of a sudden I saw this window that, oh, my god, a few more years and he’s gone,” he says. “So I’m freaking out a little about that, I’ll be honest.”

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