May 15, 2018 11:02 PM

While the cast of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise has yet to be announced, host Chris Harrison is already teasing the return of one familiar face.

“I have one word for you: Yuki,” he told PEOPLE at the ABC Upfronts party on Tuesday. “I’m not saying she’s on Paradise, because I can’t announce something like that, but I will say you might see Yuki.”

Yuki Kimura became a fan favorite after appearing on The Bachelor Winter Games as one of the international contestants. Kimura first joined the franchise in 2016 when she competed on season 1 of Japan’s version of The Bachelor for the heart of Hirotake Kubo along with 24 other women.

Without giving anything else away, Harrison said he was thrilled at the idea of Kimura returning to the The Bachelor franchise.

“I don’t want to do television without Yuki,” he joked. “That’s now in my contract — that I’ll always have Yuki by my side.”

Yuki Kimura
Edward Herrera/ABC

When The Bachelor Winter Games first premiered, Harrison described Kimura, who speaks very limited English, as the “one star that will take over America and become maybe the biggest star in the world.”

“This girl who knows – I would say the over/under is 15 to 20 words in English — will absolutely captivate everybody,” he said. “The reason I know this is because when we sit in the control room with people that have been doing this for decades like I have, and they’re – we are speechless and we cannot take our eyes off this girl.”

Bachelor in Paradise
Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty

As for the Paradise season 5 cast, the longtime host promised that this season would not disappoint.

“We have some fun surprises this summer,” he said. “It’s a great cast. I do know the cast — it’s spectacular.”

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The spin-off, which places franchise alums in an elaborate game of romantic musical chairs in Mexico, will also feature elements introduced in Winter Games.

“There were a lot of learnings from Winter Games, where it wasn’t a show where you were bringing in people every week,” Robert Mills, senior vice president of alternative programming at ABC previously said. “There will certainly be the hallmarks of Bachelor in Paradise, but I think we will definitely take into account the stuff from Winter Games, where it definitely seemed to form some really strong couples, and at the end of the day that’s the goal.”

Bachelor in Paradise is expected to premiere this summer, while The Bachelorette kicks off May 28.

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