Chris Cuomo Reveals Wife Cristina Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus: 'It Just Breaks My Heart'

"It is the one thing I was hoping wouldn't happen and now it has," he said on CNN

More than two weeks after Chris Cuomo tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the CNN host’s wife Cristina has also contracted the highly contagious illness.

The news anchor, 49, shared the news on Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday in a virtual interview with his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Cristina now has COVID. She is now positive, and it just breaks my heart,” Chris said. “It is the one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen and now it has.”

Chris went on to say that his wife is “not upset” about catching the virus, explaining that she’s the type of person who “takes everything in stride.”

“She lost her sense of smell and taste,” he said of her symptoms. “Anecdotally, the cases I hear that are more mild tend to have that.”

The television journalist also opened up about his wife’s condition on Twitter, writing, “Families all over know the reality our family faces: few are one case and done. Sure enough, Cristina has covid now. Kids are still healthy but this shook us at our literal core. All are stepping up. Can’t wait to shake this fever so I can help her as she helped me. Sucks.”

Chris and Cristina have been married for more than 19 years. They share three children: Bella, 17, Mario, 14, and Carolina, 11.

Earlier this week, Cristina — who runs a wellness website, The Purist — spoke about how she’s been nursing her husband back to health, telling Extra‘s Billy Bush, “I stand at the top of the stairs and there’s a landing there. I put a food tray down … I have my gloves and mask.”

“He comes to the stairs and we hang out,” she said.

The mother of three added at the time that she’s been focusing on preparing healthy meals for her family.

“Food is medicine, too, so our whole effort was to build back his immune system,” she said. “We integrated things his doctors suggested like Tylenol and Allegra-D, but most importantly, it was the good foods and the herbs, the oxygenated herbs. And obviously the vitamins were critical for this and necessary right now.”

“I put together sort of a clean diet that didn’t put stress on his liver, and I didn’t want to tax his bodily functions so that all the energy was focused on digesting fatty foods,” she explained. “So, you need a lot of soups, lentil soup, chicken soups, legumes, vegetable soups, which are always good when someone is sick.”

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Cristina Cuomo, Chris Cuomo.

Chris got candid about his recovery process during the Monday broadcast of his show, admitting he’s frustrated by the lingering symptoms of coronavirus two weeks after his diagnosis.

“I’m scared by this. I’m scared by the potential of this, and it frustrates me because I can’t get out of this basement,” he said. “I still have this low-grade fever. I can’t shake it. And I know everybody tells me it’s gradual, it takes time, it’s anywhere between two to three and a half weeks — but it is maddening. To have this little, stupid fever.”

“And I am a metaphor for the country,” he continued. “I’m ready to get out of the basement. I’m sick of being sick. I’ve had it, I want to get back to work. But I’m not ready. And I don’t have a plan to be ready. That’s where we are right now.”

During the episode, he also shared the psychological impact the virus has had on him.

“This virus creates emotional illness and creates psychological illness. I’m telling you, it is in my head,” he said. “Not just figuratively, in terms of messing with you because you’re sick for a long time — it is causing people depression and it’s creating brain fog and it’s creating edginess in people. … I am experiencing that.”

“It messes with your head, this virus. And I don’t know where it leaves you afterwards,” he admitted. “And the experts I’m talking to are saying to me, increasingly, ‘Yes, we’ve seen that. But how do you treat it and what does it mean down the road? We don’t know.’”

“We’re going to learn a lot of things,” he warned. “And that’s even more reason to make sure that we keep as few people from getting it as possible.”

As of April 15, there have been at least 633,267 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with 28,278 deaths from coronavirus-related illness, according to The New York Times.

Worldwide, there are more than 2,013,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and at least 130,620 deaths.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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