While the Cuomo brothers have jokingly bickered on television in the past, it's clear the two have nothing but love for each other

The Cuomo brothers put their (faux) sibling rivalry on hold to share their appreciation for one another on live television this week.

While the brothers have jokingly bickered for viewers in the past, Wednesday night's episode of Chris Cuomo's show Cuomo Prime Time made it clear that the two have nothing but love for one another.

Chris had his older brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the show to discuss recent developments in the coronavirus pandemic and his thoughts on reopening parts of the state, which at first led to a routine debate between the two.

While Chris, 49, challenged some of his brother's decisions in the clip, he later pivoted the conversation to praise Andrew for his hard work during such a trying time.

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Chris and Andrew Cuomo
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"Governor Andrew Cuomo, you're dealing with very important things. I know that you don't take yourself seriously but you take the job very seriously," Chris reminded his brother. "That's what the situation demands."

"I love you. Thank you for coming on the show," he said in a serious tone.

"I love you, brother," Andrew, 62, responded with a smile.

Before the brothers shared their sweet onscreen moment, the two of them joked about a recent comment that Andrew made about having "problems with family members."

"But that was a personal opinion," Andrew assured, making a point that he relies on facts instead of opinions during his press conferences.

"No, that's a fact. You do have problems with people in your family. That is a fact," Chris quipped. "They certainly have problems with you, I can tell you that."

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Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo
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"Only you," Andrew smiled, shaking his head. "Only you."

"No, I like you the best!" Chris laughed. "That is the harshest commentary that someone can say about your standing in the family. I'm as good as you got!"

"I know, and that's a problem," Andrew teased.

The Cuomo brothers have been doing interviews with one another for the past two months, but because they're siblings, they manage to bicker every single time. The results have been entertaining (but still informative) interviews.

In a hilarious exchange on CNN, the anchor once pulled up a photo of a young Andrew, which embarrassed the governor so much that he had "no words" and even threatened to leave the interview.

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