Chris Colfer on Behind-the-Scenes on the Set of Glee: 'I Wasn't Hooking Up with Anybody’

By Katherine Richter
March 10, 2017 01:41 PM
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There may not be a tell-all book of behind-the-scenes drama underway, but Glee star Chris Colfer says he is not opposed to penning a chapter!

“I think I would maybe save that for an autobiography, maybe have that be a juicy chapter, rather than the whole thing,” Colfer, 26, tells PEOPLE Now.

Perhaps his set “buddies,” who he shares are co-stars Ashley Fink and Amber Riley, would make the cut. In this hypothetical “juicy chapter,” however, it would spare hook-up stories.

“I wasn’t hooking up with anybody! Who was I hooking up with?” he insists. “Maybe it was happening and no one was inviting me.”

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Colfer went on to chat about his actual novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction. His favorite chapter? “Truth Shaming,” which he explains is like fat shaming but for honest people.

“Anyone I’ve ever met in the industry, I’ve stolen from their life,” he says.