'Teen Mom 2' 's Chelsea and Cole DeBoer Have Second Wedding as They Plan to Change Daughter Aubree's Last Name

Chelsea DeBoer is also seeking to change daughter Aubree's last name to Lind-DeBoer

Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have tied the knot — again!

The couple held an intimate wedding reception over the weekend, a year after saying ‘I do’ the first time. The pair, who paused on hosting a celebratory reception until after the birth of their son, Watson Cole DeBoer, gathered their closest family and friends for a rustic affair.

Cole DeBoer Instagram

In sweet posts shared on Instagram Sunday and Monday, the pair showed off their attire, with Chelsea wearing a white lace gown with an elegant train while Cole looked dapper in suspenders.

On Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea spoke to her lawyer about changing the visitation rights of Adam Lind, daughter Aubree’s birth father, as well as changing Aubree’s last name to reflect her relationship with Cole.

Speaking to a MTV producer about the situation, Chelsea said she didn’t want her daughter at Lind’s home after hearing allegations that he might be using drugs.

“It’s [Aubree’s] choice if she wants to go [to Lind’s home] every other weekend,” Chelsea said. “I don’t really want her at his house, either… if there’s drugs.”

When talking about the process of changing Aubree’s last name, Chelsea said her lawyer didn’t think it would be difficult.

“We’re not taking Lind off,” she said. “I mean, we want it to be Lind-Deboer, and [Aubree] also said she wants that. [It’s] part of both the families that she is in, and I just think it makes sense.”

While talking to Aubree, Chelsea approached her about adding the hyphen, asking if she’s sure about the change.

“Why is it important to you?” Chelsea asked her.

“Because I just want both,” Aubree said, while playing with her brother Watson.

“Then you could have the same last name as your brother and your mom,” Chelsea added. “And I don’t want anyone to tell you it’s not okay for you to feel that.”

In an emotional sit-down with Cole, Chelsea encouraged Aubree to tell him how she felt about changing her last name to include his.

“I want to make it Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer,” the 8-year-old told him. “Because I want Watson to know that I have the same last name as him.”

Smiling, Cole gasped and told her, “That would be amazing. Oh my God, my heart hurts. That’s incredible. I’m really glad you want to do that.”

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Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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