Chelsea Handler’s new podcast, cohosted by her longtime assistant Brandon Marlo, will premiere on May 6 on iHeartRadio
Chelsea Handler and Brandon Marlo
Brandon Marlo and Chelsea Handler
| Credit: COURTESY Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is ready to help.

The comedian, best-selling author and TV host, 46, is launching her new iHeartRadio podcast, Dear Chelsea, which will allow her to give life advice to listeners.

"I have been offering unsolicited advice to people for years," she tells PEOPLE exclusively. "This gives people the opportunity to ask first."

Cohosted by Handler and her longtime assistant Brandon Marlo, the podcast, which premieres on May 6, prompts listeners to submit questions about life and receive candid answers from the hosts.

"Ever since I went to therapy and became so open about my own experience, people have been bombarding me for advice," Handler says. "I just thought, why not make this formal and give actual advice to people who can't afford therapy or people who are just looking for a fresh take from someone who is guaranteed to tell the truth?"

She also insists "no subjects will be off-limits" during each episode. "Not parenting, not marital advice, not even legal advice is off-limits," Handler adds. "If there is any area or a field of expertise where I feel out of my wheelhouse, I will be calling upon experts or celeb friends who have had similar experiences, and who can draw from them."


For Marlo, who also cohosted Handler's 2019 iHeart podcast Life Will Be The Death of Me, teaming up again to offer advice was a no-brainer. "For years, I have been the recipient of Chelsea's advice, sometimes solicited, sometimes not, but always spot-on," he says. "This podcast is authentic and unfiltered, so I'm excited to see how our advice aligns or differs in these real, raw submissions." 

Handler and Marlo first began working with each other in 2014 after he approached her about an internship for her TV show Chelsea Lately during her Uganda Be Kidding Me book tour; he was most recently credited as an associate producer on her latest stand-up special, Evolution, on HBO Max. 

Chelsea Handler and Brandon Marlo
Credit: COURTESY Chelsea Handler

"We laugh all the time, sometimes in situations when it's obviously not appropriate, and we can communicate full thoughts with a glance," Marlo says of their friendship.

Adds Handler: "If someone can read you and make you laugh, keep them around because most people are duds. There you go, your first piece of unsolicited advice from me."

Dear Chelsea, will premiere on May 6 with new episodes releasing every Thursday.