Chelsea Handler gets some help updating her Tinder profile from the dating app's CEO Sean Rad

August 19, 2016 09:50 AM

“I’m not really looking for a boyfriend on Tinder,” comedian Chelsea Handler told the dating app’s co-founder and CEO Sean Rad.

Interviewing the 29-year-old tech mogul on Friday’s episode of her Netflix show ‘Chelsea”, Handler admitted that she only uses the app to hook up with guys she’ll “never have to see again.”

“If I’m in different areas of the world, and I’m like ‘Oh who’s in this area…’ ” she said.

Handler, 41, confessed she hasn’t updated her profile much since her cousin originally put it together. So she enlisted the help of Rad to freshen it up a bit.

His advice was helpful for any dater, both on and off-Tinder: Be authentic.

“You want to be yourself – you want to let people know who you are,” Rad explained.

Sean Rad and Chelsea Handler
Source: Chelsea/YouTube

Tinder employs sociologists who study human psychology and the Tinder ecosystem.

“What we know works is when people are themselves,” he described, saying model shots don’t work on the site. “You’d be surprised how much people pick up in photos and how much they pick up about your personality. You want to give people a feeling of who you are – not necessarily what you look like.”

“When yourself, that’s when you shine and when you can really build a real connection,” he continued.

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Rad went on to warn against putting photos up of yourself with other guys or girls. “I know it doesn’t work,” he said.

He also suggested Handler give people more information about herself on her profile, depending what she’s looking for.

“Not much,” she joked.

While Rad’s tips can’t necessarily guarantee Tinder love, he has said the app has produced more than 11 billion connections worldwide to date – 26 million made a day.

“Every week I get invited to more weddings than I’ll ever be able to attend,” he jokes. “Every time you hear that, it’s special.”

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