Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson talk about their early exit and the lying Goths
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Former Dolphins cheerleaders Cara Rosenthal, 28, and Jaime Edmondson, 32, had very little to cheer about as the third team eliminated from The Amazing Race. The current law student and Playboy Playmate spoke with PEOPLE about the tough course, getting U-turned, the lying Goths and rooting for Margie and Luke.

Why did you want to race again?
Jaime: To win this time.
Cara: We’re competitive girls so the prize could have been a crappy man’s T-shirt, which it sometimes was at cheerleading competitions, and we’d still want to win.

The general consensus is that this all-star season is much tougher.
Jaime: It was more challenging in the way the course was designed. The first time we didn’t have as much travel in between challenges, which is the part we really enjoy. This one was designed to break you down with four days in between pit stops with very little food or time to sleep. It took forever to get to and from challenges.
Cara: When we finally did get to one, it was hard to approach them with our normal gusto. Usually doing a task well juices you up for the next thing. It’s hard to get excited about an eight-hour drive followed by a long plane ride.

You were the first team to ever be U-turned to your face.
Cara: It was a shock. We don’t fault them for using the U-turn. The Race has tools that can help or be used against you. I was proud how quickly we snapped into the mindset to do the task. It was a blip ultimately.
Jaime: [The dolls] were a joke compared to the other side of the Detour. In retrospect, we would have U-turned one of the other teams because the solar panels took a lot longer and were harder.

Was being U-turned the difference between going and staying?
Jaime: It’s hard to say. We had to do the second task and then we had an hour-long joy ride to get gas in our taxi. Each minute of wasted time messes up your mindset. I was so frustrated when I got to the dinosaur and that affected my performance. I was there for four hours. It was the most miserable point in my whole life. A million dollars would change my life, but by then my body’s basic necessities were more important.

What’s it like to watch your partner fall apart and not be able to do anything?
Cara: You feel very powerless at Roadblocks. I wasn’t upset even when we were the last team because she was doing everything she could to finish. It would be different if I thought she was distracted or giving up.

Did seeing what colossal blunders Kent and Vyxsin made make it harder to swallow your elimination?
Cara: It was frustrating then to have them catch up, but it was worse to hear that they lied about car trouble. I only learned the truth last night. I don’t care that they didn’t tell us about the 30-minute penalty, which in my opinion was horribly inadequate considering they had 11 hours to make a mandatory flight every other team made … To lie about car trouble was horribly manipulative … Why’d you have to lie?

Safe to assume they’re not who you’re rooting for?
Jaime: I will say definitely they’re not the team.
Cara: The worst part is that they were one of my mom’s favorite teams ever. We thought they were going to one of the nicest and most straightforward teams competing. That’s all been washed away now.
Jaime: We have always loved Margie and Luke, our Race boyfriend, and if it can’t be us, we want it to be them. That’s never going to change. No matter how great anyone else is.