October 20, 2016 08:50 PM

Ron Burgundy, is that you?

A Virginia newscaster had his own Anchorman moment after reading a hilarious typo on his teleprompter during a live broadcast.

NBC12’s Eric Philips from Richmond was reading his script when he stunned viewers – and himself – by announcing, “Check your panties.”

The script intended to read “check your pantries” to introduce a segment on the recall of a brand of rice and slow cookers, but the missing letter was not caught until the on-air blooper.

Fellow newscaster Karla Redditte can be heard laughing, apologizing for seeing the error but not being able to warn him.

Redditte later took to Twitter to defend Philips, sharing the very script to prove it was a teleprompter mistake.

“One letter makes all the difference,” she captioned the photo.

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral and the saying “Check your panties” to become the subject of internet memes.

Philips shared a silly photo with Redditte on Thursday, proving they’re working hard to not cause another internet sensation any time soon.

“My partner in news is making sure I go over my scripts with a fine toothed comb because….you know…” he captioned the photo.

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