Outer Banks' Chase Stokes Apologizes for Past 'Insensitive Tweets,' Says Account Was Hacked

The Netflix star claimed that his Twitter account was hacked shortly after issuing his apology on Monday

Chase Stokes
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Outer Banks star Chase Stokes is addressing his social media behavior after several of his "insensitive" posts recently resurfaced online.

In since-deleted posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Stokes used derogatory and racist language, sharing statements that referenced people who are a part of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities and one post that specifically targeted Justin Bieber.

"Just because you’re old, doesn’t give you the right to drive like a r—d," one post read.

After the 27-year-old came under fire for the posts, he issued an apology on Twitter Monday, asserting that he "was not hiding" from his wrongdoings.

"I am flawed, and I am sorry," he wrote alongside a since-deleted screenshot of his apology in his Notes app.

"I consulted in one of my closest friends just as anybody else would. I have posted insensitive tweets. My Facebook has been hacked countless times. The picture isn't even of me or anybody I know," he explained.

"Again, I am incredibly sorry. I really am. I hope you guys see what i am currently doing and how I am continuing to do the right thing by being respectful in today's climate."

While Stokes said he will be more conscious in the future, he stated that "this does not excuse my words, nor am I excusing myself," he wrote.

"I will continue to work towards using my platform in the same capacity I have been and doing/bringing light to the world," he concluded.

Shortly after sharing apology, the actor's post, as well as previous tweets, disappeared from his account. He then reappeared on Twitter and told fans that his account for the social platform had been hacked, stating that his password had been changed and he was attempting to get back into his account.

"Yo just getting back into twitter. My password was changed, figuring things out. I'm really sorry that this is all happening at once," Stokes shared.

"I'm trying to solve this," he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

But many of Stokes' followers were skeptical about the actor's account being hacked so soon after he was criticized for his past behavior.

"i’m sorry chase but the whole hacking thing happening at the same time as everything else is rlly sus, ur gonna have to prove that someone hacked into ur account or something bc i KNOW people aren’t gonna believe it," one user wrote.

"Hi sorry yes i’m getting hacked and my hackers deleting all the bad things i’ve tweeted," another sarcastically replied.

A third added, "i have to give it to you this is the most confusing apology i’ve ever seen."

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