Charlize Theron Talks About Her Son's Bathtub Playtime, Dresses Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Theron says her son Jackson comes up with some odd dialogue while playing in the tub

Photo: Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty

Charlize Theron is playing a character named “Imperator Furiosa” in the new Mad Max: Fury Road, but that doesn’t mean she’s above telling cute stories about her son.

Theron was a guest on The Tonight Show Monday, and she ended up discussing the very un-Mad Max-ian topic of what her son’s like at bath time.

Theron mentioned that her son Jackson, like most kids, takes his toys – especially Frozen toys – to the bath with him. And one night, she overheard an odd bit of dialogue coming from the bath: “Karen, handle it!”

Where did Jackson get the name “Karen” from? Goodfellas, perhaps? (Charlize, we should have a talk about what the kiddo’s been watching!)

Fallon and Theron also decided to dress each other for one part of their interview. Fallon decked Theron out in a very Slash-esque curly wig and top hat, platform heels and gold pants, while Theron went with a sort of San Francisco-throwback look for Jimmy, with a furry vest and some psychedelic shades.

Mad Max, which features Theron with a decidedly less glam look, hits theaters Friday.

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