Charlie Sheen Concedes He 'Might' Be Bipolar: 'I've Come This Far, Might as Well Fix It All'

"I'm not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself," said Charlie Sheen on Monday's The Dr. Oz Show

Photo: The Dr. Oz Show

Charlie Sheen continues to address his struggles.

The actor has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show three times this month to discuss his struggles with substance abuse as well as what he’s learned about his HIV diagnosis. During his Monday appearance on the talk show, he also opened up about potential mental health issues.

When asked by Dr. Mehmet Oz if he’s ever thought he might be manic, Sheen said he has been described and “diagnosed” as that before, saying there are “certain medical opinions, certain personal opinions that I might be bipolar.”

“The majority of, in my experience with the manic behavior is usually in the throes of deep partying, deep substance abuse and drinking,” said Sheen, 50. “It doesn’t really happen when I’m not doing that, it has never really reared its head.”

Sheen went on to explain he was open to exploring the issue.

“It’s interesting how I answered that question. I’ve been described or ‘diagnosed’ by enough people, and I guess at some point you have to take a look at it if it keeps walking like a duck, you know? And I’m not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself. I’ve come this far, might as well fix it all, right?” he said. “It’s dicey for me because I don’t look at it as mania, I just look at it as existing and exploring a very interesting and full world and universe.”

Sheen, who jokingly asked if his picture comes up when one Googles the term “mania,” admitted he goes through symptoms like being irritable and restless, experiencing less need for sleep and having racing thoughts, high sex drive and a tendency to make grand plans.

As for his mood swings, the Two and a Half Men star admitted, “they’ve always seemed normal to me.”

“That’s as honest as I can be. I’ve just accepted it as part of my makeup,” he said.

Dr. Oz then brought in Dr. Shahla Modir, an expert who specializes in addiction and psychiatry, including mood imbalances. Dr. Modir asked Sheen if he’s experienced had periods where he experience out-of-control spending, hyper sexuality and excessive gambling, to which Sheen quipped: “Have you been following me around?”

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When asked if he would be willing to allow Dr. Modir the chance to help him, Sheen said, “Absolutely, I would.”

“She’s presented it in a way where it makes sense, it’s not an attack, there’s no judgment,” he said.

“There are brilliant people, geniuses who walk around with mania, other issues,” Dr. Oz told the star.

“So I think the good news is even if i do have this thing I’m in really superior company, is what you’re saying,” Sheen said, smiling.

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