November 18, 2015 05:35 PM

Charlie Sheen was spotted flashing a peace sign in New York City a day after revealing he is HIV positive on national TV.

Sheen, 50, was photographed waving from the backseat of a car while leaving his hotel Wednesday.

Meanwhile, top civil rights attorney Gloria Allred suggested that some of his exes have reached out to her about potential legal action.

“Since Charlie Sheen’s interview yesterday, I will now confirm that I have been contacted by women with reference to Charlie Sheen and their rights,” she said in a statement Wednesday. “I have no comment on what will happen next.”

On Tuesday morning, the Two and a Half Men star discussed his diagnosis with the Today show’s Matt Lauer, explaining that contracted the virus about four years ago and decided to come forward after being “extorted” for upward of $10 million by people trying to sell his story.

Now, he said he hopes to use his celebrity status to help others living with HIV.

“I’m gonna ride this wave of support, and if there was one guy on this planet to contract this that’s gonna deliver a cure, it’s me,” he said.

Sheen says he has not passed along the virus to any partners – and told all of his former lovers about his condition. But if he didn’t, he could be vulnerable to civil suits even from women who have tested negative, legal experts say.

Gloria Allred (center)

Allred, 50, is currently representing about half of the more than 50 women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them over the past few decades.

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