Charlie Sheen is slamming Dr. Sam Chachoua

By Michele Corriston
Updated February 10, 2016 06:05 PM
The Dr. Oz Show

Charlie Sheen is renouncing a man who claimed to have cured his HIV and injected himself with the actor’s blood.

During his Wednesday appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Sheen denied Dr. Sam Chachoua’s account of treating him in a Mexico hotel room with a medically contested treatment involving goat milk.

“He would have stuff delivered at all hours of the night, and I was an idiot to keep taking it. It was just the BS started to really pile up with this guy. I was in Mexico probably for 32 hours. He says I was there for two months, so his math skills are equally as challenged as his science,” said Sheen, 50. “I don’t think I was dying. It’s very bizarre, his memory of our initial time together. … I couldn’t keep track of this guy. He didn’t really have an office I could go to.”

The Anger Management star also called Chachoua’s interview with Bill Maher two weeks ago, when he said he injected himself with Sheen’s blood to prove his method had been effective.

“I am not cured, no,” Sheen said, admitting he didn’t actually see Chachoua – who is not licensed to practice in the United States – inject himself: “Thinking back on it, his back was to me. And he might have switched the needle, but it wasn’t like, here, look, bang. I had an injury, I had some swelling in my elbow, so he removed some of the fluid, and there was some blood in the fluid, and he said, ‘I’m going to show you how confident I am in that first treatment I gave you.’ And his back was to me. Perhaps [he switched syringes].”

“I am not a liar,” he added. “I think what we’re observing from him is an absolute grand work of fiction. I think guys like him are dangerous. I’m not going to be trading my meds for arthritic goat milk. I’m just saying.”

In November, Sheen revealed on the Today show that he is HIV-positive, having kept his diagnosis a secret for four years after allegedly being extorted for $10 million.

Speaking to Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday, Sheen said he is participating in a new trial in which he’ll take two sub-queue injections every week instead of pills to manage his illness.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “I know we’re coming off all these other segments and talking about these are scientists and brilliant doctors and researchers, and this is a public company. There’s absolute transparency. This feels like the next wave of the future for treatment.”