She may not have been picked by Brad Womack, but the reality star is dating again and thriving in Seattle

By Monica Rizzo
March 15, 2011 12:05 PM
Credit: Mark Wessels/ABC

Bachelor fans saw Texas bar owner Brad Womack gently let down Seattle executive assistant Chantal O’Brien on the season finale Monday night so that he could propose to single mom Emily Maynard.

But the adventurous 28-year-old O’Brien was confused by the dismissal, leaving a puddle of tears behind in South Africa. PEOPLE spoke to O’Brien, who happily reports she’s back in Seattle and “in a really good place.”

It was sad watching you leave on the finale.
I’m doing a lot better! What you saw on the finale, I had just gotten my heart broken. There I was thinking this is someone I could have a future with and they didn’t want to be with me. It broke my heart. But in the time since then I’ve had time to heal and move forward.

You were emotional on the After the Final Rose special.
It was hard to go back and see those memories I had. I think it’s undeniable when you watch the show the chemistry that Brad and I had. Anyone that watched the show could see it.

Before the season aired, some reports erroneously said that you were the woman Brad was engaged to. How did you deal with that?
I came home and within about a week there were spoilers that came out that Brad and I were engaged and that he’d spent Thanksgiving with my family. I started getting text messages and calls saying ‘Congratulations!’ There were times it was difficult because obviously just getting back, I’ve just had my heart broken and everyone is congratulating me. At the same time, I tried to be a good sport about it.

Did you get closure after talking with Brad on After the Final Rose?
I did. It’s a difficult situation to go and see somebody you had a relationship with. Brad found somebody that was what he was looking for and I wish them happiness. I’m in a really good place, too, which makes it a lot easier to say.

You are dating a Seattle businessman named Jeff Razore.
That’s correct! I think because of my [Bachelor] experience, it’s allowed me to be where I am now and be in a relationship.

So life is good in Seattle?
I’m back into normal life, which I’m really happy with. I’m still living in the house you saw on the show; I’m working for my dad and just spending time with friends and family. Things are going really well.