Who Won Brad Womack's Heart?

Find out if Chantal O'Brien or Emily Maynard received the final rose on The Bachelor

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Brad Womack’s first stint on The Bachelor in 2007 didn’t end so well. The Texas bar owner famously walked away from his final two women, leaving both in tears and earning him a reputation as someone with a phobia of commitment.

This season Womack, 38, vowed he was a changed man and ready to find everlasting love. And he’s been bursting at the seams for months, saying in interviews that he’s in love with a special woman.

But is it 28-year-old Seattle executive assistant Chantal O’Brien, who made a lasting first impression on Womack when she declared, “This is for all the women in America,” and slapped him across the face? Or did demure Charlotte, N.C., single mom Emily Maynard, 25, win his heart?

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On Monday’s season 15 finale, viewers saw that while Womack had an undeniable affection for O’Brien, it was Maynard who got the final rose. Womack told O’Brien that she was not the one for him.

“I’ve fallen in love with someone else,” he said as tears filled her eyes. Knowing she was heartbroken, he escorted her to her limo, said goodbye and waited for Maynard’s arrival.

As dusk came to the vast South African sky, an emotional Womack then professed his love for Maynard.

“You’re the one, Em. You’re my once in a lifetime,” Womack said. “Please let me be your once in a lifetime. Please let me be your best friend. Please let me protect you and your beautiful daughter, and please let me love you for the rest of your life. I love you, Emily. I am truly in love with you.”

As Womack got down on his knee, Maynard held his face in her hands.

“Emily, please make me happier than I’ve ever been in my life and marry me,” Womack said, his voice shaking with emotion.

“I would love to,” Maynard replied, bending over and pulling Womack in for a passionate kiss, before allowing him to place a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring on her finger.

“You just made me the happiest girl in the world,” Maynard said softly into Womack’s ear as the two embraced.

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