Tatum's father Glenn found out about his son's past as an exotic dancer during his first appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show in February 2010

Before he was making a living off his Magic Mike franchise, Channing Tatum was keeping his previous job as a stripper a secret.

While guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, the actor revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that his father Glenn found out about his past as an exotic dancer when the star made his first appearance on her daytime talk show in February 2010.

“That was my very first time on your show and I got to let you know that that was the very first time that my dad actually found out that I was a stripper for a short time,” Tatum told DeGeneres.

Footage from the pair’s 2010 interview showed a 30-year-old Tatum giving The Ellen Show host a mini lap dance as the audience cheered him on.

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“Wait, your dad didn’t know you were stripper until that day? How did he take it?” DeGeneres asked Tatum after rewatching the video.

“Not well, really really not well,” he responded.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fast forward to the present, Tatum has created a Vegas show that largely matches the Magic Mike films he co-starred in with Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey.

“I don’t miss anything about stripping,” he told PEOPLE in April. “I stripped in Tampa for like 25 girls, at best. It wasn’t glamorous whatsoever, so there’s nothing that I miss about stripping.”