The Magic Mike XXL star stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday

By K.c. Blumm
Updated June 24, 2015 02:30 AM
Marion Curtis/Startraks Photo

When Jimmy Fallon asked Channing Tatum to perform some scenes from Magic Mike on Tuesday’s Tonight Show, we were hoping for some ab-tastic action.

But that was not to be, because the scenes they were performing were all written by elementary school kids. The children were given the title Magic Mike and asked to write what they thought the movie would be about.

The first scene featured a boy who called Magic Mike to fix the flat tire on his bike. Tatum’s line: “Yes, I am Magic Mike! I’m like regular Mike, except magic.”

He fixed the tire, with help from his, ahem, magic bike pump.

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Scene number two came from a 6-year-old, who set it in an office, where Mike wasn’t doing a good job of keeping aliens out of this “lovely planet.”

This scene had a twist: Magic Mike was the king of the aliens!

Good one, kid.

The final scene featured a Magic Bird who was angry. The only cure was to sing a song called “Magic Bird Come Fly with Me.”

Let’s just be grateful that Magic Mike XXL features dancing instead of singing.