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People Staff
September 27, 2008 12:00 AM

Make no mistake, the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy take their jobs seriously.

“The entire cast have all been working hard cranking out 14-hour days,” says Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on the show. Fresh from the Emmys (where she was nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a drama), Wilson arrived in New York Wednesday to talk about her involvement with‘s “Treat with Care” educational campaign to promote the safe use of children’s cold medicines and the fifth season of Grey’s Anatomy, which premiered last tonight.

“It’s a very driven forward motion that the whole show is going into and everyone is on the same page with that,” said Wilson. The end result is “This season has some wonderful medical cases in it, a lot like what you were used to in our first and second seasons.”

But they’ll be plenty of new changes as well–like the many exciting guest appearances this season. “Our guest cast this time around packs a really great punch,” said Wilson. Last night’s Grey‘s kicked off with two powerhouse appearances by Broadway star Bernadette Peters and Journeyman’s Kevin McKidd. As for Bailey, last we saw of her her marriage was in shambles. “She’ll get around to working on her marriage,” Wilson revealed. “You have to let everything run its course.” On the work front, “we’ll see Dr. Bailey really trying to show her competence as a surgeon, proving why she’s chief resident.” –Debra Lewis

Debra L. Rothenberg/Feature Photo Service

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