Johnson's mother died of liver cancer last summer after a seven-year battle
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelorette‘s Chad Johnson is showing a more personal side as he mourns his late mother, who died of liver cancer last summer.

“Having a hard time missing my Mom today. She was the happiest most positive person I’ve ever known and she was taken from me and my family way too soon,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “For everyone out there with a loved one fighting cancer, I want to encourage you to seek alternative healing methods other than #chemo.”

His mother battled cancer for seven years, and Johnson says seeing her go through treatment was difficult for him and his family.

“Watching my mother go through #breastcancer and then#livercancer while being treated with#chemotherapy was the worst thing a person or a family could ever have to endure,” said Johnson. “Please people, look into a change of diet, a change of lifestyle, and natural healing methods such as cannabis oil. Give your loved ones a fighting chance.”

Johnson previously said his decision to join The Bachelorette followed taking care of his mother through her cancer.

“The one question people keep asking, is why did I go on #TheBachelorette?” he wrote on Instagram last month. “Well other than the fact that I work all the time, for 7 years I watched my mother slowly die from cancer. Over the last 3 she got much worse and I decided to spend all of my time that I wasn’t working, at her house taking care of her and generally spending time with her.”

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