'Celebrity Apprentice:' What You Don't Know

Photo: Justin Stephens/NBC; HBO

The Donald is done now with Gene Simmons. But Entourage’s Rex Lee could have made it further on Celebrity Apprentice — if he had given it a shot.

“I was almost on Celebrity Apprentice,” Lee told PEOPLE last week, at a party for designer Troy Kingdom in Hollywood. “It started without me, and I don’t like to play catch-up. I’m not going to watch it.”

Lee’s management nixed the show, the actor says, because of a lame celebrity list. “I’m not trying to be catty, but the reason my agents and publicists said, ‘We don’t think you should do it,’ was who else was doing it,” Lee says. “They didn’t like the list — and they convinced me I didn’t either!”

He adds he’d consider season two, however: “If they had another season and they liked the list, I would be so into it. But, it didn’t happen.”

Meanwhile, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz is hanging tough, getting pointers from his girlfriend of a year-plus, Jenna Jameson, who has also been a successful entrepreneur.

“He’s doing well, I’m really proud of him,” Jameson tells PEOPLE. “I think he’s very capable of winning this thing. Bottom line is I think confidence is key in business. You go in like you own the world, and everyone believes it.”

She explains, “Competition, you have to be able to read , and he does that. I think that having my support and being there, pushing him going back, ‘I think we can do this,’ think it really helped.” — Nicholas White

Justin Stephens/NBC; HBO

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