'Celebrity Apprentice' : Tito Ortiz is (Finally!) Fired


On Thursday’s Celebrity Apprentice, Tito Ortiz showed that he may have taken one or two hard blows to the head in his UFC fighting career. While giving a presentation to executives from Dove and Redbook as his team’s project manager, Ortiz stumbled through his speech, hardly making a clear point. The fractured grammatical twists gave the suits pause as they listened, their brows furrowed in confusion about Ortiz’s words. Clearly, Ortiz was nervous about his speaking publicly and even forgot his lines (teammate Stephen Baldwin finished one of his sentences).

“You know the thing that surprised me?” Donald Trump asked Tito in the boardroom. “I’ve watched you fight many times, and you don’t look nervous. You just get in the ring and rip somebody apart. But you looked very nervous at that presentation.” Indeed. Here are some of Ortiz’s worst lines:

• “Of course, we’ll continue on,” he said after his presentation’s second sentence. • “One of the things we tried to get across was country, desert, um — kind of a country desert feel to it. The reason is, that’s when skin is the driest.” • “The horizon keeps going and going and going.” • “The demographics we did have were ladies ranging from the age of 20, or excuse me 30 to 59, which most country folk, ladies, that would love Trace Adkins’s, you know, kind of to push the product exactly.”


So, Ortiz (who has a clothing business in addition to his UFC career) was a terrible leader. It didn’t help his case in the boardroom that he got into a petty tussle with Omarosa. Which makes us wonder: why wasn’t Ortiz eliminated earlier in the show? Wisely, Ortiz kept a low profile through the first half, missing one episode to fight. And in weeks since, Ortiz simply showed up to work, said very little and slid by. But with his leadership skills put to the test, spotlight hogs Baldwin and Omarosa rushed in for the kill. But let’s face it: Tito should have been gone weeks ago. –Nicholas WhiteJustin Stephens/NBC</p

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