Spoiler alerts! Find out who clashed during the premiere episode

By Charlotte Triggs
Updated March 07, 2011 11:00 AM
Virginia Sherwood/NBC (2)

Celebrity Apprentice kicked off its fourth season Sunday, and while the challenge was to make pizza, the teammates spent more time making enemies.

Star Jones took the lead among the women, and rubbed people the wrong way by letting the rest of the team do prep work in the kitchen while she focused on the graphics for their advertising.

But when the group failed to deliver pizzas for charity, and lost out on a donation worth $35,000, the sniping began.

In the boardroom, Jones and Lisa Rinna got into it, with Jones calling Rinna “a little girl” and Rinna pointing out that they’d promised not to be catty. But despite the personality clashes, the women still managed to raise $115,000, winning the challenge.

On the men’s side, Richard Hatch took the lead – and proceeded to alienate every member of his team after he shoved to the side David Cassidy, whose daughter Katie made a surprise appearance, then later poked him.

“He’s lucky that he got an all-star team,” said baseball player Jose Canseco, who took issue with Hatch’s “aggressive” delegation and the incident with Cassidy, calling Hatch a “damn liar” for downplaying the physicality.

With one of the men on the chopping block after raising only $54,000, Hatch brought both Canseco and Cassidy with him to the boardroom, where he insulted the former teen idol, calling him “delicate” and a “little person.”

But despite Hatch’s off-putting management style, Donald Trump decided he had more passion than Cassidy, and ultimately sent David home, saying “I have more respect for you than either of these guys, but you’re fired.”

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