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January 11, 2008 12:00 AM

For once, Omarosa is not in the middle of a fight on The Apprentice.

In the latest rivalry match-up, Gene Simmons and Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump‘s irascible daughter and boardroom companion, butted heads on Thursday’s Celebrity Apprentice — and just two episodes into the season.

“You said, ‘She’ll wait,'” Trump groused in the boardroom of Simmons’ “abrasive” behavior towards her, after he had blown her off earlier in the show. “It was just unnecessary. I mean, you almost could have said nothing.”

When asked for a progress report by Trump earlier in the show, Simmons said, “We think it’s terrific that you’re here, but we have work to do,” and, “Let me finish the thought. She’ll wait.”

Trump called it “not a strategically intelligent thing to do.”

Simmons was reprimanded by the elder Trump, who said, to laughs in the boardroom, “Gene, did you insult my daughter? Nobody insults my daughter.”

Graciously, and wisely, the Kiss rocker took a knee. “I sincerely apologize for any short-sightedness I may have had,” he said. Trump must have accepted the apology because it was Nadia Comaneci who was fired, not Simmons.

And now: during Thursday’s credits rolling on Celebrity Apprentice, there will be a deleted scene extra on Jan. 17’s show that is billed as the scene that started the argument. — Nicholas White

Tell us: Whose side are you on? Would you accept Gene’s apology?

Justin Stephens/NBCspan>

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