'Celebrity Apprentice' : Donald Trump Fires Omarosa

Photo: Tommy Baynard/NBC

Thursday’s Celebrity Apprentice marked the end of Omarosa‘s reign of rough-housing when she was fired by Donald Trump who called the decision “easy.” Exclusively famous for appearances on Trump’s Apprentice series, Omarosa has been fired three times in the show’s seven-season history. It could be time for another job.

Her most recent firing was particularly delicious for U.K. tabloid editor (and Celebrity Apprentice front-runner) Piers Morgan, who feuded with Omarosa for much of the season. When she gave a parting shot to Morgan insinuating that he is gay, he returned to the boardroom to break the tension … planted a wet kiss on the cheek of country singer Trace Adkins. Everybody got the joke except Adkins.

What will become of Lady O? “She’s a great actor,” Jenna Jameson, who is dating last week’s eliminated contestant Tito Ortiz, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Sleepwalking premiere in West Hollywood. “She should move into film after The Apprentice.”

Along with Morgan and Stephen Baldwin, UFC fighter Ortiz had a dust-up with Omarosa, trading words with her before Trump fired him last week. “On television, she’s fake,” Ortiz tells PEOPLE of his rival. “She’s just a big role. It’s an act, you could say … It wasn’t about a charity to her. From the beginning, it was always like that. It’s sad to see.” –Nicholas White

Tell us: Where will Omarosa end up next? Should she become an actress?Tommy Baynard/NBC

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