'Celeb Apprentice' Shocker: Omarosa Keeps a Low Profile!

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After last week’s Omarosa/Piers Morgan fight, the reality TV villainess mostly kept to herself on Thursday’s Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald shook teams up to keep the peace and Omarosa switched sides with Taxi actress Marilu Henner. (Good thing, considering Morgan said on this week’s and last week’s shows that “I don’t ever want to talk to Omarosa again in my entire life.”) Despite one minor dispute with Stephen Baldwin over preparations, Omarosa stayed behind the scenes, helping to produce a QVC live commercial for a vacuum sweeper.

The night’s other story was that former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis, who has flown under the radar thus far, was defended by Donald Trump, though his teammates criticized his lack of energy. “Lennox clearly had too much to drink and had no sleep,” Morgan said. “That should be his new fighting title, Lennox ‘Sleepy Boy’ Lewis.” The champ in his own defense, said that Morgan had “diarrhea of the mouth,” and hoped for a switch to flip Morgan’s mouth off.

Even in the boardroom, team leader Henner laid blame at Lennox’s feet: “You were very low-key in the morning,” Henner said. “You were lower key than anyone else on the team.”

But Trump had Lewis’s back. “Lennox isn’t the reason you lost,” Trump said. “I’ve seen Lennox sleepy in the ring, and knock the guy out. Don’t be deceived.” And on The Donald’s show — where his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr. are his advisers — only his word matters. “Marilu, you’re fired,” Trump ruled. “You are a terrific woman, but get the hell out of here.” –Nicholas White

Tell us: Does Lennox Lewis stand a good chance to win? Who will Omarosa fight with next?

Justin Stephens/NBC>

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