Cazzie David Jokes About Dad Larry David 'Forgetting' About the Pandemic While in Quarantine

Cazzie David's new book of essays, No One Asked for This, is out now

Cazzie David made her late night debut on Monday, discussing her famous family and her new book with Seth Meyers.

David, the eldest daughter of comedian and actor Larry David, opened up about what it's been like quarantining with her father during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We agree on everything, especially in terms of avoiding sickness at all costs," the 26-year-old said during a virtual appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "The problem isn't really agreeing, it's more like forgetting that we're in a pandemic."

She continued, "We'll go over the rules, like no one can come over because of COVID, and then two hours later I'll come downstairs and he'll have a friend over and I'm like, 'Dad, it's COVID.'"

Cazzie David, Larry David
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She went on to give an uncanny impression of her dad saying he "forgot," adding, "That's been an issue for sure."

The actress and writer also shared her family members' reactions to her book of essays, No One Asked for This, which hit shelves on Tuesday. Her mom Laurie David, she said, had an interesting way of showing her support.

"My mom's reaction actually can be really well described in a tweet she wrote to 'support me,' to her couple thousand followers, which she likes to brag about," she told Meyers. "She tweeted: 'Daughter's book is coming out, remember kids exaggerate.'"

"First of all, way to discredit me before it even comes out, and also publicly call me a kid," she continued, laughing. "I asked her to delete it which I find myself doing a lot. She was like, 'Fine, if you don't want me to support you then I won't.'"

Seth Meyers talks with author Cazzie David on November 16, 2020

As for the book, David said it's best described as a reflection of "anxiety and oversharing."

"It might be presumptuous for me to assume that anyone could take anything away [from it]. I hope they enjoy it or relate to it," she said. "You know, we're the most anxious generation of all time, and thanks to social media we love to overshare, so I would say anxiety and oversharing kind of sums up my book. I hope people can connect to it because of that."

David also opens up about her split from Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson in the book, and how she felt when he started dating Ariana Grande. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, David said it "was a really pivotal moment in my life."

"And writing about it has caused me a ton of anxiety, especially because I talk so much about hating the attention it brought me," she said. "Why would I bring more attention to myself by writing about it? But there's nothing that's gonna be worse than what I already experienced with that."

No One Asked for This is out now.

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