"We're made of so much strength and resilience and conviction and if you can bet on yourself, it's a good thing," says Catt Sadler

By Aurelie Corinthios
November 06, 2018 10:23 AM

Catt Sadler is opening up about her difficult decision to leave E! News following a pay dispute last year.

Appearing on The Talk on Monday, Sadler, 44, discussed the “seismic shift” in her life when she left the network after she found out her male co-host Jason Kennedy was making, according to her, “double” her salary “and has been for several years.” (In response, E! said the network “compensates employees fairly and appropriately.”)

“I have had the privilege of being on TV five days a week for 20 years,” she said. “I left because my co-host was making more than double of me. A male co-host — and by the way, a dear person and friend and someone I love very much. But that made news, and it made news and resonated with the country because so many women across all industries were suffering from the same disparities.”

Admitting the gig was her “dream job,” Sadler said there “was a lot on the line.”

“Would I ever work again? You know this industry, ladies,” she told the CBS panel. “Would I be blacklisted, would I ever work again? But I was so convicted in the truth. I didn’t start yesterday. Nobody handed me this because of a reality show, or anything else. I was a journalist, I studied journalism. But it was a seismic shift and the reason I speak on this is only because it has rewarded me in ways that I never would have known had I been safe, had I been complacent, had I just stayed the course and just took the check.”

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Sadler said she encourages people to “step out.”

“The rewards have been amazing and I’ve learned so much about myself,” she said. “We’re made of so much strength and resilience and conviction and if you can bet on yourself, it’s a good thing.”

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