On Thursday, it was announced that MTV temporarily suspended production on the show to investigate the allegations

Nev Schulman has denied allegations of sexual misconduct made by a woman who appeared on MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show.

“The behavior described in this video did not happen and I’m fortunate that there are a number of former colleagues who were present during this time period who are willing to speak up with the truth,” Schulman said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions — but these claims are false.”

While Schulman, 33, does not name his accuser, fans believe he is referring to a Youtube video posted by a woman named Ayissha Morgan, who appeared on season 4 of Catfish in 2015.

In the video posted on May 12, Morgan made her accusations using fake names, with fans believing she is referring to Schulman as “Jack” (“the main person”) and co-host Max Joseph as “John.”

Morgan claims “Jack” repeatedly hit on her during her time on the show, despite her being an open lesbian.

“On every break from filming, every time they said cut, you’re [Jack] like, ‘Oh when can I take you on a date?’ she says. “Mind you, this is like 20 minutes into us meeting for the very first time… I have this guy over here making me three times as uncomfortable as I already am.”

Morgan alleges “Jack” questioned her sexuality in an attempt to convince her to go out with him: “He just kept asking me, ‘Are you a lesbian or are you bisexual?’ I was like, ‘I’m a lesbian for the 50th f—king time.'”

Morgan claims the situation escalated when they traveled to Houston to continue production on the show. During the flight, she alleged that “Jack” said, “I don’t think you’re a lesbian… I don’t think you met the right guy yet,” and asked if she thought he was attractive.

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Once at the hotel, she claims “Jack” joked about sharing a hotel room together. Morgan says later she agreed to hang out with him in her room, during which time he allegedly asked her to “cuddle.” “He was just like pushing and pushing,” she says. “It got to the point where it so excessive that it was annoying.”

Throughout the video, which features quick jump edits, Morgan continuously looks off to the side after being “distracted” by her movements in a mirror visible in her peripheral view. At one point, she pauses to acknowledge her dog walking into the room.

The video is also split into two parts which were published two days apart. Morgan prompted viewers to like her first video 500 times before she would post the second part.

In the second video, Morgan continues her accusations against “Jack” while also alleging a second incident with a production assistant, whom she refers to as “Carol.”

Morgan says she became close to “Carol” while filming and they spent a night drinking in the P.A.’s hotel room together. After drinking a large beer, Morgan said she felt herself going “in and out of consciousness.” “I woke up and she was on top of me,” Morgan says as she holds back tears.

While she refuses to go into any more detail about what allegedly happened that night, Morgan claims the crew joked about “Carol” getting “lucky” the next day.

After filming wrapped, Morgan, who claims she didn’t have her hotel key at the time, agreed to go back to “Jack’s” room because she thought “John” would also be there.

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But when “John” left the room shortly after they arrived, Morgan claims “Jack” passed her a note that read “Do you find me attractive?”

She then alleges that he walked over to sit on the bed with Morgan and said, “How about you do what you did to Carol but on me?”

“He laid on the bed and he grabbed my arm,” she alleges. “I pulled my arm away, grabbed my phone, got up and walked out.”

Morgan says she ultimately decided to post the video to raise awareness and to bring herself “peace of mind.”

“I fell into the worst possible depression after this happened. I find myself every so often slipping back into it, and I realize that I’m never going to get my closure or be able to move on unless I put what happened out there,” she says.

On Thursday, MTV announced that they had temporarily suspended production on the show to investigate the claims. “We take these allegations very seriously,” a spokesperson for the network tells PEOPLE. “We’re working with Critical Content, our third-party production company, to conduct a thorough investigation and we’ve put a pause on shooting until the investigation is completed.”

Schulman, 33, serves as the host and executive producer for the popular MTV show, which investigates online relationships and exposes people who impersonate others on the internet — and is based on his 2010 documentary.

Catfish: The TV Show first aired in 2012 and is currently in its seventh season.