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Miranda didn’t need to wait for Nev and Max to discover she had been Catfished. This Minnesota girl has already caught her slippery online boyfriend Cameryn in a big, sloppy lie. But instead of throwing him back to sea, she decided to hold onto her catch and give him another chance.

This is where we join the newest Catfish tale. Miranda tells Nev and Max about how she met the stunning Cameryn online and connected with him over the struggle of having a severely ill family member. After the pair agreed to start a relationship over the Web, Miranda moved out to Los Angeles to meet and be closer to Cameryn. But when she arrived, her man dodged every opportunity to see each other face-to-face.

Miranda smartened up, did a little snooping and found that Cameryn was a phony created by a person in Georgia. When Miranda confronted her supposed suitor with the truth, he tried to deny it, causing the pair to cut off contact. Eventually, “Cameryn” came clean, admitting that he is actually a young Atlanta resident named James. This Cameryn-turned-James character quickly rekindled his relationship with Miranda. Now, our Catfishee is ready to commit to this guy and his new identity, but wants to make sure James is the real deal before she fully forgives and forgets.

Armed with a shield of skepticism and Web surfing know-how the Catfish guys are here to find answers. Read on to see what they discovered; don’t worry, we did most of the detective work for you. Check out the “three red flags” that led to “the big reveal,” and “the silver lining” that followed. Let’s get fishing, shall we?

Miranda on Catfish

The Catfishee: Miranda, a Minnesota girl who adores fashion and is ready to love the guy she connected with online, no matter what his name and face may be.

The Catfish: Cameryn/James, an emotionally understanding dude, who is supposedly ready to be comfortable with himself and commit to another person.

Three Red Flags

After hearing James explain the personal reasons (low self-esteem, a need to escape) behind his fake Cameryn account, Miranda is willing to believe this new identity is legit. Having ridden the Catfish carousel several times, Nev and Max are not. Like two overprotective parents, the duo dig into James’s account prepared for dead ends that will make Miranda unhappy. Here is what they found:

1. Miranda Still Hasn’t Seen James: You would think after being caught red-handed by the one you love, you would be willing to do anything to make it up to them. But love is a funny beast, and Miranda has a habit for falling hard. Even after coming clean to Miranda about his real identity, James is still avoiding any kind of face-to-face communication, and Miranda isn’t pushing for it.

2. The Prospects Aren’t Promising: From all of Nev and Max’s attempts to find James, the folks they turned up don’t look great. Of the three people the guys think James might be, none of them match the photos Miranda has and … one of them is a sex offender. Fantastic.

3. No One Believes James Is Real: Mother knows best, and Miranda’s mom is sick of seeing her daughter’s heart in shambles. She and the rest of Miranda’s friends and family think James is another fake out to hurt Miranda again. The odds are not in this couple’s favor.

Nev, Miranda and Max on Catfish

The Big Reveal

With no clear leads, Nev and Max decide to call James using the number Miranda has for him. Serving as the Catfish U.N., Nev convinces a very hesitant James to do the right thing and meet Miranda in Atlanta. The group flies down, and it looks like for the first time in their three-year courtship Miranda and James will connect in the real world. That is, until James stands up the trio. Where is the Southern hospitality? On the day that the lovebirds are supposed to meet, James texts Nev at the last moment with the excuse that his family won’t let him leave to meet Miranda. As a compromise, he offers to video chat.

Gabby on Catfish

The webcam clicks on, and sitting where James is supposed to be is a young woman named Gabby. Yes, Catfish me once, shame on you; Catfish me twice … well, you know the rest. Miranda is visually crushed to find that once again her dream man is all made up. Gabby confesses to leading Miranda on, but also admits to having a confusing attraction to her. None of Gabby’s family or friends know about Miranda, which has contributed to her hesitation about coming clean. After a surprisingly civil chat between Miranda and Gabby, the girls agree to meet the next day to work on preserving their friendship. Sadly, Gabby stands Miranda up AGAIN, sending her a text that simply says, “I’m sorry.” Nev, Max and a teary Miranda return to Minnesota ready to move on and leave James/Cameryn/Gabby in the past.

The Silver Lining

At first it appears the only comfort Miranda can take from this whole situation is knowing that she is finally free to move on. Wow, does a month change some people! When Nev and Max check in, both girls are in much better spirits. Gabby reveals that she reached out to Miranda to apologize and now their friendship is more open than ever.

Miranda adds an extra layer of intrigue to the situation, admitting to Nev and Max that she has found herself attracted to Gabby as well. The two have returned to exchanging flirty texts and are planning to meet up in the future. “I feel like people don’t have control over who they love, whether it’s a girl or a guy,” Miranda shares. Going through three different personas proves that. Hopefully, this last one sticks.

Catfish Teaser Trailer

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