Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra is reliving the tough and stressful choices that need to be made as a pregnant teenager

By Alexia Fernández
July 11, 2018 07:40 PM

The 26-year-old reality star made her debut on national television on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in which she and then-boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to place their daughter Carly for adoption in 2009.

In an upcoming episode of ABC’s What Would You Do? with host John Quiñones, the MTV star watches behind the scenes as a pregnant teen tells her parents that she has decided she wants to raise the baby herself.

“There’s no good way for me to say this. I want to keep the baby,” the actress playing the teen tells other actors playing her parents as customers in the restaurant overhear their conversation.

Catelynn Baltierra and John Quiñones

“Wait, what? We’ve agreed on adoption,” one of the actors says.

A woman sitting nearby tries to consul the upset teen but offers also offers some honest some advice, saying, “At 16, it’s hard to raise a child.”

Later in the episode, Catelynn speaks to the woman who showed the teen kindness, crying as she said, “It’s just so amazing. It honestly made me tear up. I’m getting all emotional.”

Catelynn knows the emotional struggle that an expectant teen mom faces. The reality star and Tyler have struggled over the years with their decision to place their oldest child for adoption. On MTV’s Teen Mom OG, the couple has documented their worries that they are missing out on their daughter Carly’s childhood.

Catelynn Baltierra and John Quiñones
| Credit: ABC News

In January, Catelynn and Tyler reunited with Carly and shared emotional photos of the moment on an episode of the MTV show.

Although MTV cameras were not allowed to film the visit, the Baltierras passed on photos from the day spent with their children in the park, including touching images of Carly helping 3-year-old Novalee Reign (Tyler and Catelynn’s second daughter) drink from a water fountain.

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After seeing Carly again, Catelynn looked overwhelmed in the car and simply said, “She’s so tall.”

A day after the meeting, an MTV producer asked Tyler, “How was Catelynn last night?” to which he responded, “She was bawling her eyes out.”

He continued, “She was saying after raising Nova, she’s actually feeling that love you have for your kid, and after seeing [Carly and Nova] together she said it was really hard [to leave Carly]. She said it just sucks — it sucks that we were so young, and it sucks that our parents sucked. We were little kids.”

He turned to Catelynn and said, “Thank God we got each other, right?” to which she responded, “yeah.”

What Would You Do? guest starring Catelynn airs this Friday at 9:0 p.m. ET on ABC.